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Bohol - Balicasag Dive

Balicasag Dive Resort- Overview ( Balicasag Dive )

Balicasag island dive resort logobalicasag island dive resort front view

The Balicasag Dive is flat island is situated four kilometers southwest of Duljo Point off Panglao Reef. Balicasag Dive is surrounded by a sandy shell coraline beach, the Balicasag Dive island is fringed by a narrow reef shelf 9 to 49.5 meters wide. The tops of the Balicasag Dive submarine cliffs are covered with hard coral while lower levels are covered with sponges and gorgonians. A thriving fish community is found around the cliff face area.

Balicasag Dive Resort- Rooms & Accommodation ( Balicasag Dive )

balicasag island dive resort rooms twin bedsbalicasag island dive resort bed

Balicasag Dive boasts of native-inspired 10 aircon duplex cottages(with 2 room/cottage, average size of its room is 19.64 sq.m), Balicasag Dive screened has a private toilet/bath and individual veranda where guests may enjoy the breathtaking view of sun, sea and surf at Balicasag Dive.

Balicasag Dive Resort - Facilities and Recreation ( Balicasag Dive )

balicasag island dive resort shorelineBalicasag Dive Resort - Guest Services: ( Balicasag Dive )

• Speed Boat (10 pax capacity)
• Dive Boat
• Pumpboat (8-10 pax capacity)
• Airport/Pier Transfers
• Credit Cards (Visa/American Express/HongKong Bank)
• Room Service (upon request)
• Mail and Postage
• Sundry Shop
• Laundry and Pressing
• Safety Deposit
• Dive Packages
• Dolphin Watching(negotiable)
• Island Hopping(negotiable)
• Massage-P300/hr.
• Electric Current - 220 volts
• Check out Time - 12:00 noon

balicasag island dive beach cottageBalicasag Dive Resort - Dining ( Balicasag Dive )( Balicasag Dive )

Balicasag DiveRestaurant (40 pax) , The Pandan Bar , Picnic Huts , Lounge Chairs , 2 Balinese Huts (for massage)

Balicasag Dive Resort - Aqua Sports ( Balicasag Dive )

Dive Shop with complete , sets of diving equipment , Tanks , Compressor , Masks , Snorkels , Fins , Divelights , Booties , Weight belts with weights , Wetsuits , Regulators , Buoyancy Control (BC) , Jackets .,Medical Kit , Medical Oxygen(for emergency) .

Balicasag Dive Resort- Location: ( Balicasag Dive )

Balicasag Dive located at Panglao Island in Bohol, is an island called Balicasag. 1.5 hectares out of its total 25 hectares have been developed into a resort. The Balicasag Dive island's crystal blue waters provide a clear, vivid view of its corals, fishes and other marine life.

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About Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort )

The Island-Province of Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is derived from the word Bo-ho or Bo-ol and is located between southeast of Leyte and southwest of Cebu, layered securely at the heart of the Visayas, renowned as the 10th largest island in the Philippines country. Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) belongs to Region VII (Central Visayas) 803 km. south of Manila and 79 km southeast of Cebu. Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is within reach by air and sea travel, with travel time of 1 hour and 30 minutes by fastcraft and 20 minutes by plane, it is the bordering province to Cebu city if bound to Balicasag Dive Resort. Located in the middle of the Philippine archipelago specifically within North Latitude 10°15'00" and 9°30'00", and East Longitude 124°30'30" and 123°40'00". The backdrop on the other side is the Mindanao Sea. Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is about 39.7 nautical miles southeast of Mactan Island and is about 556.16 nautical miles directly south of Manila. Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) has the islands of Leyte at its north-east and Cebu in the north-west as its nearest neighbors.

Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) has a large number of resorts, hotels and other facilities for residents and tourists. Most of Bohol resorts such as Balicasag Dive Resortare concentrated in Tagbilaran and around where – ( Balicasag Dive Resort), with a few more scattered around the island of Bohol.

Come to Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) - and experience the vitality of its culture, the imaginative expressions of the Boholano spirit, and the beauty of its artistic world.

How To Get Here in – Balicasag Dive Resortlocation:

Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is very accessible by air and sea travel, it is the closest province to Cebu city, with travel time of 1 hour and 30 minutes by fastcraft  and 20 minutes by plane. Bohol is served by Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines flying to and from Manila with at least two (2) trips daily, seven (7) days a week. Bohol's major seaports include towns of Tubigon and Jagna and the Tagbilaran City.

History of Bohol – Balicasag Dive Resortlocation:

Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) was the place where a treaty of friendship between two people of different races, culture, religion and civilization occurred in 1565 between Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, representing the King of Spain and Datu Sikatuna, a native chieftain, through a blood compact known today as the "Sandugo". These are just but two important historical chapters in Philippine history, contributing to the shaping of Filipino nationhood through the sense of brotherhood, patriotism, courage, creativity, and commitment of our Boholano heroes and statesmen. Its people are said to be descendants of the last group of inhabitants of the country called "pintados", meaning the tattooed ones.

Carlos Polistico Garcia (1957-1960) the 4th President of the Republic of the Philippines, was born in the municipality of Talibon Bohol– ( Balicasag Dive Resort).

The Island of Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is surrounded with seventy three (73) smaller islands having a gently rolling terrain, ideal for industrial and commercial site development. Bohol's is a home to rare and endangered flora and fauna located in the mountainous interior close to – Balicasag Dive Resort. At certain points, hills drop steeply to the coast from a maximum elevation of 872 meters above sea level. The interior uplands are fit for high value agricultural production and agro-forestry. The northern lowlands and central lowlands have also abundant water supply and fertile grounds. Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is ideal for spelunking adventures because of it’s over a hundred caves, the biggest of which is found in the eastern part close to – Balicasag Dive Resort.

Bohol – Balicasag Dive Resortclimate, the northeast monsoon is from November to April. The southwest monsoon is from August to October whereas the weather during this season is not very predictable. It can rain any day of the year, but a higher chance of heavy showers occurs from November to January. The rare shower is on mildest time of the year. Cooling down at night to around 25°C and daytime temperatures average 28°C. Higher temperatures and very humid days on summer season from May to July.

Eco-Tourism of Bohol:

Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is a prime eco-cultural tourist destination in the region because of its abundance of pristine white sand beaches and azure blue waters. Coral reefs close with – Balicasag Dive Resortswarm with a variety of picturesque marine life found in Pamilacan, Balicasag, and Cabilao islands, becoming a haven for scuba divers and tourists. Bohol Inland – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) has natural wonders such as quite underground caves, stunning waterfalls, cool bubbly springs and exquisite verdant forests. Some of these sights bring in worldwide curiosity such as the Baclayon church close to – Balicasag Dive Resortlocation, the best preserved Jesuit-built church in the region; the 1,268 coned hay hills more popularly called as the Chocolate Hills close to – Balicasag Dive Resortlocation, hunched together with elevations of 40-120 meters high; the isolated Philippine tarsier, the world's smallest monkey endemic only to Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) and a protected species. Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is a tropical haven of natural beauty, another gem of the Visayas. The coastline of the island is skimmed by white sand beaches and gentle coves. Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is well-known locally as a paradise for snorkelers and divers. Whale watching and Dolphin watching tours are popular with both visiting tourists and residents. Dolphins can be seen year-round but the best season is from March to June where – ( Balicasag Dive Resort).

There are four (4) main rivers that run through Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort), one is the Loboc River running from the center of the island to the southeastern coast being the most famous for its river cruises, Second, the largest Inabanga River, runs in the northwestern part of the province. Third, the Abatan River in the southwest and the fourth is the Ipil River in the north.

Numerous waterfalls and caves are scattered across the island such as the stunning Mag-Aso falls in Antequera – ( Balicasag Dive Resort). The water is chilly and often creates a fog in humid mornings which can hide the falls.

Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) has adequate accommodation facilities to offer to investors and tourists alike. In place are more than seven (7) hotels, 34 lodging/pension houses, and 35 beach resorts amongst it – Balicasag Dive Resort. Other tourist facilities are fifteen (15) diving shops, 12 sports centers, 21 high-end diving centers and 18 centers for shopping and recreation. There are 8 establishments that can cater to conventions. Likewise, a strong and enthusiastic banking sector has enabled the province to be at par with the rest of the urban centers in the country. There are 46 banking units providing banking facilities. Alona Kew Beach Tourism Estate located in Tagbilaran City – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is a 2,010-hectare declared as a flagship project of the government, the PITE is one of the five tourist satellite destinations in the country where investments in convention facilities, hotel/resort complex, sports/ recreational facilities, shopping centers, golf course, retirement and marina and handicraft villages are being promoted.

Bohol Island – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) is easily accessible by private cars, bus, taxi and rental cars. Many of the towns in Bohol have a FX and bus terminal where one can get a ride to other towns. To go the the Chocolate Hills, one had to take the interior-route like Carmen-Sierra Bullones. Tagbilaran City of Bohol where – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) has several different transportation companies where you can make arrangements to get to different places in Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) either rent a car or van or jeepney. Taxis usually have to pay in Pakyaw, a pre-negotiated fare. Bohol Seaports is in Tagbilaran City – ( Balicasag Dive Resort); terminal ports are in Tubigon, Jagna, Ubay, and Talibon; subports are in  Catagbacan and Getafe. There are 30 taxicabs operating company, 1,010 Bus Companies, 4,716 Vehicles for hire, and 9 for trucking services bound to – Balicasag Dive Resort.

The Philippine Tarsier was a common sight in the southern part of the island. Once protected by the mist-shrouded hills and humid rainforests, these mysterious primates struggle to stay alive as their home is cleared for crop growing and poaching. There is a spacious net enclosure sanctuary – close to Balicasag Dive Resort, keeps a number of Philippine Tarsiers for captive breeding, feeding and display. Here, visitors can watch the Philippine Tarsier in their natural habitat. Inside the tarsier's sanctuary, the Philippine Tarsiers play and roam freely and all of them get used to a high fence which serves mainly to protect them from predators like feral cats while maintaining a chance for tarsiers to leave the enclosure and live with – Balicasag Dive Resortinstead.

Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) with 47 Municipalities and 1,109. Bohol has a land area of 4,117.26 square kilometers with the population of 1,230,110 (2007 Census) in the province and 92,297 (2007 Census) in the Tagbilaran City. Bohol language/Dialects are Boholano, English, Tagalog, Chinese with a literacy Rate of 93%.    

The Industrial Establishments of Bohol – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) are Limestone mining, galvanized iron sheets factory, cassava start/glucose plant, soft drink bottling plant, food processing, frozen prawn, ice plant, metalcraft, handicraft, and furniture. Exporting prawns, baskets, and woven raffia; their top domestic pieces deals are GI sheets, handicrafts, hard limestone, excellent marine products, ripe banana, special rice, high breed cattle, dried mangoes, fat hog, large fishes, coconut copra, rice, corn, coconut, root crops, vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, seaweeds, crabs, and prawns – available in – Balicasag Dive Resort.      

Bohol's financial systems, we have 20 Commercial banks, 21 Development banks, 2 Government banks, 1 Cooperative bank, 2 Savings banks, 7 Rural banks, 7 ATM facilities, 6 International credit card available, 65 Lending firms, and 70 pawnshops in operation, all are affiliate and close to – Balicasag Dive Resortlocation.

Bohol Festivals close to – ( Balicasag Dive Resort) are the Bohol Sandugo Festival celebrates every July 1–31; this cultural event celebrates virtues and values, through the efforts of a lot of artists and cultural works. Bohol Tagbilaran City Fiesta on May 1; Bolibong Kingking Festival on May 23–24 - Loboc, Bohol; Pana-ad sa Loboc on Holy Thursday & Good Friday - Loboc, Bohol; Bohol SidlaKasilak or Festival of Lights -Loon on Fiesta Week: August 30 to September 8; Sambat Mascara y Regatta Festival on 1st Saturday of December - Loay, Bohol; Suroy sa Musikero on December 25 - February 2 - Loboc, Bohol; Bohol Fiestas on month of May; Bohol Ubi Festival on January; Bohol Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan or TBTK - A gathering of Boholanos from different parts of the world and the name for such a grand event; and Hudyaka sa Panglao on August 27–28 Panglao, Bohol. All these are done close to – Balicasag Dive Resort.

Come to Bohol –( Balicasag Dive Resort) and be enthralled with the angelic voices of the famous Loboc Children's Choir from Loboc Bohol, won twice National Champion in the NAMCYA Competition. You may come and listen in rapture and awe of the haunting melodies played by the Dimia CHILDREN'S RONDALLA from Dimiao Bohol where –( Balicasag Dive Resort), the current national champion in the NAMCYA Competition. Watch the first repertory theater company in Bohol and be magnetized by the dramatic power of Teatro Bol-anon where –( Balicasag Dive Resort).


Founded by the Jesuits on November 17, 1596 is the Christian community of Baclayon–( Balicasag Dive Resort). It was built in 1727, 10 years after Baclayon was raised to the status of a parish. The National Historical Institute declared the Baclayon Church in 1995, as the national historical landmark. The Jesuit residence in the island in 1600 became the Loboc Church–( Balicasag Dive Resort). It was effectively established as a parish in 1602. The church has the only 3-storey convento in the entire country. The National Historical Institute declared the church in 1998, as the national historical landmark and nominated it to the UNESCO World Heritage Watch List of 100 Endangered Sites.

BOHOL HERITAGE SITES–( Balicasag Dive Resort)

On the island of Bohol–( Balicasag Dive Resort) did erected most of the colonial structures still exist at the instigation of the Spanish friars. Even today, the structures that served well during their time, and their utilization speaks well of their adaptation and usefulness.


Our Culture Tourism in Bohol–( Balicasag Dive Resort) also includes a visit to the cottage industries and folk craft obtaining in several towns. Observation of village life makes a culturally enriching as it throbs with the gentle activity of family-based village crafts and industries. Like loom weaving in Inabanga Bohol and Tubigon Bohol–( Balicasag Dive Resort).

BOHOL DIVE SITES–( Balicasag Dive Resort)

The most colorful and exotic display of marine life is an A1 dive sites in Balicasag and Cabilao Islands where –( Balicasag Dive Resort) enable one to marvel at one of comparable to Tubattaha of Palawan, a world heritage site. Three words illustrate diving in Bohol: steep, deep wall. Predominantly limestone and there are overhangs undersea terrain, declivitous and crevices walls that contribute to the underwater beauty of the province's dive sites.

In the off-season Marine life is abundant. The steep walls provide permanent niches for lionfish, moray eels, coral stalactites, a lot of other species and sponges; also available in –Balicasag Dive Resortlocation.

BEACHES & RESORTS amongst–Alona Kew Beach Resort

The soft, powdery white sand beaches located in Alona Kew Beach and the southeastern tip of Anda and –Balicasag Dive Resortas well.

BOHOL HERITAGE SITES–( Balicasag Dive Resort)

Although deteriorating, Bohol–( Balicasag Dive Resort) is also blessed with the most number of well-preserved, heritage structures built during the Spanish colonial era. These structures such as churches, conventos, watchtowers, escuelas de niños y niñas, cabildos and presidencias, and old bridges are made of coraline limestones which is close to –Balicasag Dive Resort.


Our people's dynamic arts, artistic traditions, and cultural expressions is Bohol's sixth (6) pillar of tourism.

In painting, music, dance, theatre, literature, sculpture, and most recently the movies, Bohol rose to national stature and international distinction as Boholanos have reared both artistic talents and exceptional artists sometimes entertaining in –Balicasag Dive Resort.


Behold the world of green fields and blue waters and experience the thrill of venturing towards natural heights–( Balicasag Dive Resort). . . just plain camp out and commune with Mother Nature you will discover unfamiliar trails where leaves are brown and crisp under your feet–( Balicasag Dive Resort).


The only double barrier reef in the country and rich in marine life is the Banacon as one of the islets along the Danajon Bank close to –Balicasag Dive Resort.

The first and biggest in Asia plantation, go canoeing, kayaking, or the simple pleasure of rowing along the bakauan plantation close to –Balicasag Dive Resort.

Trek to sitio Pandayan–( Balicasag Dive Resort) for buri product demonstration tour, nipa thatches making, loom weaving of raffia, and other local crafts.


As you seek hidden adventures you will discover hidden springs of cool waters, eerie formations, or bats and insects that thrive in the beautifully mysterious caves of Bohol–( Balicasag Dive Resort).


The flora, fauna, and wild life will find within the Rajah Sikatuna National Park close to –Balicasag Dive Resort. It has a 9,023 hectares land area, covering seven municipalities. Due to its biological diversity the park could offer multi-faceted ecological tours.


The man-made forest of Loboc and Bilar close to –Balicasag Dive Resortlocation shows the tingling shaft of sunlight that penetrates through lush canopies of teak and mahogany.


The spinner and spotted dolphins during their early morning frolic will unwind you just sit and stare in awe with them while book in –Alona Kew Beach Resort

The home of the different species of dolphins and whales nestled in the heart of the Bohol Sea is the island of Pamilacan which is close to –Balicasag Dive Resort. A fishing village of Bohol –( Balicasag Dive Resort) surrounded by pearly-white sand beaches and crystal clear water is the island paradise where nature’s bounty and absolute beauty meet.

From the word “pilak” which is a local term denoted to a large hook implement created and used by the local fisher folks in hunting whale sharks, manta rays and other marine creatures, the name Pamilacan comes which abound in the area and accessible to –Balicasag Dive Resort. The island is now fast emerging into one of Asia’s finest dolphin and whale watching sites already and a marine sanctuary and accessible to –Balicasag Dive Resort. The visitors will surely experience the thrill of observing different kinds of dolphins and whales in their natural habitat with the expertise and experience of the one time whale hunters who are now employed as spotters and guides which is accessible to –Balicasag Dive Resort. Take your family and friends and get the chance to witness a more personal view of our marine bounties which accessible to –Balicasag Dive Resort. Keep in touch with nature and relive our spirit as you take this opportunity protect and conserve of our marine life in –Balicasag Dive Resort. The Pamilacan was built 200 years ago during the Spanish Era which is accessible to –Balicasag Dive Resort, you can visit an ancient fort which stands at the northeast side as fortress against the invasion of Muslim pirates and other enemies of the Spanish colonizers.

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